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Experience Prince George’s (ExPGC) is the official destination marketing organization for Prince George’s County. ExPGC actively promotes area accommodations, attractions, dining, and events to bring visitors to Prince George’s County. We actively solicit business from sports organizers, group tour leaders, reunion planners, meeting planners, and others for the utilization of the county venues, amenities and services. Much of our success is based on the effort and contributions of our valued members. This member platform is setup to engage and communicate with community partners in an effort to promote business to residents and potential visitors. 

How to access the ExPGC Member Portal?

Your username is the email address on file. To login, click link above and enter password or select reset password if unknown. 

How to use the ExPGC Member Portal 

Outlined below are a series of excellent training videos that will acclimate you to the ExPGC Member Portal system, its functionality, and applications:

ExPGC Member Portal/Extranet Training Videos:

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For questions or assistance, please contact: info@experiencepgc.com